ExpressNet Technologies Inc. provides a variety of services. 

• Local, long-distance, and international calling
• Automated Attendant
• Mobile App that makes your phone an Extension
• Voicemail-to-Email / Voicemail Transcription
• IP Fax Solutions
• Customized Music-On-Hold
• Business SMS




Our hosted PBX can instantly save you money, increase employee productivity and improve
customer service. With our hosted PBX, you get the most advanced features available and we guarantee that you will never have to worry about technology obsolescence.

You only pay for the capacity you need. As your business grows, you can quickly and easily add
additional trunks, users and extensions. If your business is seasonal, you can easily reduce
capacity during the off-season.

Your phone system is the lifeline of your business. We understand that outsourcing this important function can be scary. But we are local business people, just like you. We know that our best asset
is the relationship that our people will build with you. There is no runaround and no giant support center to call when you need help.

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