Digital Signage is digital content being displayed on a flat panel TV screen in order to communicate a message effectively and efficiently. Digital Signage can be see in airports, supermarkets, gas stations, etc. Digital Signage is more that a Powerpoint presentation running full screen TV. Digital Signage is about centrally controlling your network of displays enabling you to get your message to your audience at the right time.


How can you benefit from Digital Signage?
With multiple vertical markets for digital signage many different benefits can be achieved. With your investment in Digital Signage you can increase sales, obtain brand awareness, communicate a message, highlight achievements, motivate your workforce, broadcast emergency alerts, stream live data (weather, news, stocks, sports scores), and achieve the WOW factor.

Example solutions:

Bars / Restaurants

  • Get specials for the week on the board to keep customers coming the next day.
  • Display up coming events.
  • Give dates for bands.
  • Play pics of events/bands that have happened.
  • Sell advertisement to generate revenue.
General Contractors
  • Provide pictures of projects.
  • Provide general information of company.
  • Provide the ability to present information you have in hopes of landing the deal.
Businesses / Corporations - Employee communication
  • Daily agenda
  • Meeting room information
  • Important issues
  • Stock prices
  • Events

Why do you need a Digital Signage solution?
The world we live in today pays little attention to stagnate posters that only communicate one message. Todays customers/employees are overly bombarded with emails, text messages, and snail mail advertising. In 1967 it took 3 impressions for a individual to remember you. In 2003 it took 117 impressions for a individual to remember you. The way individuals retain information has changed. Viewers of an animated message have a 67% better chance to recall your message. Digital Signage delivers the message for todays digital age.
According to PQ Media, the Digital Signage out of home advertising sector will be reach $2.43 Billion in the US. Frost and Sullivan predict a 28.4% CAGR in Digital Signage through 2011 in North America. If you chose not to implement a Digital Signage solution your competitors will.