At ExpressNet Technologies we "Commit to the Technology".  Our ownership has over 15 years of Network and IT experience obtained from some of the largest companies in the world. Our transition into the low voltage industry began by doing a favor for a friend.  We installed our first surveillance system with our vast knowledge of communication systems.  Our camera system caught a homicide that took an innocent bystanders life.  Not only did the quality of the video catch the criminal in action but it also allowed law enforcement to charged seven others who where connected to the crime.   This horrific crime took the life of an innocent man.  Although we didn't stop this crime from happening we where able to bring justice to those who took part in it.  This was the point for us that solidified our drive for ExpressNet Technologies.  Along with our surveillance division we added all low voltage systems to our business.  We have done jobs for multiple large corporations that included audio, video, digital signage, and surveillance systems.  All of our jobs have been dedicated to the commitment of technology.  We dedicated our careers to it and now we are bringing this commitment to our customers.   

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Residential Systems - Bars & Restaurants